Will A.I. Unleash Our Creativity Or Crush It?


Will A.I. Unleash Our Creativity Or Crush It?

I feel constrained and limited by my history. I know there is much more opportunity that lies beyond. But trying to unlock my creativity feels restrained by my hardwiring.

So…I sit at my desk wanting to break the shackles of a lifetime and decades of caged thinking that seem to keep me in a box of the past. 

I see many things through my parents’ panorama and society’s shackles. This means I often feel locked and biased. We have tools from the past that we have used for centuries. But we have new technology that beckons.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  — Abraham Maslow

I know there’s something much more powerful that lies beyond.

It’s infinite and exciting but hard to see with hooded eyes. It’s a kaleidoscope of cognitive bias and entrapment that is looking for an exit and enlightenment. 

I didn’t know how to get there. But I have seen a brave future. 

Artificial Intelligence is the code to a new creative future

So what does a world of artificial intelligence look like when we ask it to produce some ideas and content? 

It can:

  • Open different perspectives that I need to escape my current limited mindset
  • Produce strange and unexplored combinations that I can’t unlock but I’m looking for the code
  • It seeks and finds soaring imagination that has been freed from the box of the past

Those unlocked insights are the escape hatch to exciting innovations. The challenge though is getting past our lifetime of programming. 

Escaping our history. 

The difficulty lies, not in new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.” — John Maynard Keynes

The key to unlock the door

As I reflect I am realizing that AI is the key to open the door to a brave new world we haven’t been able to imagine.  

The exploratory play with AI allows my thoughts to spin between its opportunity, the challenges  and chaotic disruption.

What could it do?

It’s infinite and we are at the edge of a shattering. It can open a door to an unfettered imagination powered by AI. 

And here are two ways it can do that.

1. Break and shatter paradigms that disrupt the binds of fixed minds

It opens our consciousness and creativity to brave and new frontiers. Architecture, imagery and insights and much more. All you have to do is experiment and enter a description into an A.I. platform and see what design and content unfolds.

The description 

This detailed description for a building design at an architecture firm was tapped into the AI platform MidJourney.org:

Low rise parametric building biophilic reference sheet 3d plans sections elevations construction details annotations callouts axis dimensions visual coding“.

This description was enabled by a skilled architect that knows the language of the discipline  and has the words to unlock the answer.

So it produced some magic.

The design: 

Many architects are able to create default designs that are able to meet the commercial requirements of “return on investment”. But they miss out on what we need in modern cities: the “return on beauty”. 

Here is a design that is organic and beautiful and created by A.I. but inspired by human expertise and experience.


Image Source

2. It Scales our Humanity 

AI will free us from the mundane research. We will be able to use words as raw clay and shape and shake them to make something new and broken and ready for remaking. 

In new combinations. 

What was done in a day is now completed in an hour. I am more than happy to let the grunt work be done by the robot and then I can wrap it in my own human creativity with stories, experience and insights.

The opportunity

The opportunity that lies in front of us is hard to imagine as we have never been here before. We are all trying to work out what the new jobs created from this disruption will look like. 

When the weaving loom was created the Luddites rioted and burned and broke the new invention. Today the new material technology has provided textiles and fabrics that we never imagined.  

When the car was invented all the horses were complaining about losing their career. Now they have realized that enjoying life in a beautiful paddock is not too bad. 

When the spreadsheet was invented int he 1980’s the accountants thought it was then end of the world. It just allowed them to escape the mundane of the calculator and offer strategic advice instead.  

Disruption and change is scary. 

You can lean in and grow or you can pull back and be run over by the future.

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