‎Salesforce Commerce Cloud Innovations: Redefining How Brands Approach Their Customer Experience with Salesforce Futurist Brian Solis


Brands are in a position where they must exceed customer expectations even if the customer wasn’t expecting it. No brand is safe from the need to stay one step ahead of its customers – just think of Blockbuster and Nokia.

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Brian Solis, VP, Global Innovation at Salesforce. Brian is a world-renowned digital anthropologist, futurist, eight times bestselling author, and international keynote speaker. He has consistently been recognized as one of the world’s leading voices in innovation, business transformation, and leadership for over two decades.

Listen in to learn about the customer experience in a digital-first world and how brands can survive the changes and continually exceed their customers’ expectations.

Show Highlights:

•How customer expectations have changed
•How a digital-first world has changed people and continues to change people
•Why we must show our customers what’s possible
•Why you need to have a vision or end goal
•The relationship between digital and in-person shopping
•What is the pre-Metaverse, according to Brian
•What can brands do today that customers are not expecting

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