A Conversation About How Automation and AI Deliver Success Now for Service Teams


Today’s service leaders are struggling to meet growing customer expectations amid a 19% average annual turnover rate and tightening operational budgets. But Salesforce Service Cloud CEO Clara Shih and VP, Global Innovation, Brian Solis see automation and AI as a solution.

On this episode they explain how you can drive growth by empowering agents to do more with less, increase efficiencies by streamlining time-intensive processes, and deliver immediate cost savings to organizations across every industry.

Watch to find out more!

00:00 Intro
00:33 What is the State of Service Report
01:36 Why connection is at the heart of service
02:46 Automation as a key trend
06:30 Digital transformation in service
10:54 How companies can improve their turnover rate
12:05 Customer examples
13:52 What companies are thinking about
17:11 Advice for companies on their service practice
19:55 Closing

Get the State of Service Report here.

p.s. I tuned in from Waikiki (that explains the aloha shirt!) 🌺 🤙


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